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Stalked by McCain: We can run, but we can’t hide

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Media coverage is non-stop, often contrived

Arizona’s senior senator (ASS) has suddenly become ubiquitous. There are reports large, and reports small of his statements, threats or deeds. A USA Today Page One report that doesn’t mention ASS, has a jump page headline that prominently features his name, although he is mentioned only in passing on the second page.

Another appearance in the same newspaper the following day is a  front page report relating that he is teaming on a ”bi-partisan” bill targeting online political ads — requiring financial disclosure. Notice he didn’t find this issue so compelling when he was a candidate outspending his challengers 10 to 1 and flooding the Internet with his own ads. “Bi-partisan” is an interesting description, since nominal Republican McCain is doing what he’s  done his entire career, colluding with Democrats, in this case as the lone Republican.

He is also demanding more information on the ambush in Niger that killed four U.S. soldiers, saying the Trump administration is not being forthright and he might have to resort to issuing a subpoena. There were no such demands or threats aimed at Pres. Obama or McCain’s longtime pal Hillary Clinton, then-Secretary of State, when the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was attacked by Muslim terrorists resulting in four deaths, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

The Obama administration’s lies and cover-up merited nary a blip on McCain’s alert meter. He issued no subpoenas. McCain, 81, and recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of  brain cancer, remains a bitter and vengeful man who despises Donald Trump for attaining the presidency which will forever elude him, has also threatened to hold up defense nominations, a tactic he’s previously employed against President Trump. 

In ASS’s small mind, being consumed by a jealous rage takes precedent over President Trump’s ability to successfully run the country and keep the military fully staffed and equipped. McCain who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, reverts as always, to letting his bruised ego get in the way of honorable governance.

Playing Dad for a Day, McCain will appear with his daughter Meghan on the left-wing ABC daytime show, “The View,” in honor of her 33rd birthday on Monday.  A Republicrat like her father, Meghan was recently hired as  the “conservative voice” though her conservative credentials are sorely lacking.

She only registered as a Republican when her father ran for president in 2008, as seen in this photo op flanked by her mother and then-Secretary of State Jan Brewer. Expect Trump bashing to ramp up as she obligingly throws the show’s liberals the red meat they crave.

 Stalked by McCain: We can run, but we can’t hide  Stalked by McCain: We can run, but we can’t hide

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