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Trump triumph: Tax reform passes

Posted by on | December 21, 2017 | No Comments

Anti-Trump Dem obstructionists withhold votes

President Donald Trump was able to bring true tax reform to fruition with the historic vote on Wednesday. It was the first sweeping tax reform since the 1986 Tax Reform Act, signed by President Reagan over three decades ago.  Americans have been in the economic wilderness ever since.

Despite Trump’s efforts at outreach to Democrat leadership, the blunderous party that ran scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton for President in 2016, dug in its heels and repeated manufactured lies about The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Ultimately, not a single Democrat voted for the tax reform package.

Forty-four Senate Democrats voted for President Reagan’s Tax Reform Act with only three nay votes. It passed by a vote of 97 – 3Petty political gamesmanship is the only reason Democrats voted in unison against the similar measure now.

It’s not your Father’s Democrat Party. The party of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi makes no attempt to represent the American people. Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neill and President Ronald Reagan had their political differences, but worked together and got things done. They considered one another friends.

Former Senators Joe Biden, Al Gore, John Kerry and the late Ted Kennedy all voted for Reagan’s tax plan. Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D-VT), who has represented Vermont in the Senate for 44 years also voted for Reagan’s reforms. Now Leahy is a contrarian and critic.

The specifics in the Trump tax plan are available here for all to see, without interpretation by third parties.

President Trump has made overhauling the tax code a key agenda item during his first year in office. He has achieved the impossible working with obstructionists.


 Trump triumph: Tax reform passes  Trump triumph: Tax reform passes

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