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Will Gov. Ducey gift his former boss AZ Senate job?

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Questions swirl around McCain’s senate seat as Arizonans go unrepresented

The bony fingers of speculation have splayed past the rumor mill stage. The word in political circles is that Gov. Doug Ducey is looking to cook his own career. The fire has been lit and the cauldron is bubbling.

He certainly did his political aspirations no favor when he acquiesced to the extortionist tactics of the threatening unionist teachers who abandoned more than 840,000 public school students for a week as they went on strike, marched, took over legislative chambers, danced and played musical instruments while demanding a whopping 20 percent pay hike. When he gave in to their outrageous whims, he then insulted the rest of us by saying he accomplished this feat without raising taxes. That’s a bet worth taking. Teachers have since filed a ballot initiative to permanently raise taxes “on the rich,”for even more money, proving negotiations with those employing extremist tactics is flawed policy.

Now Ducey’s adding insult to injury by doing nothing to quell the speculation that he’s giving serious consideration to appointing his onetime boss to fill the senate seat that has been held far too long by dodgy John McCain, 81, who runs as a Republican while colluding and voting with the most liberal Democrats. The fact that McCain counts Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin and a host of others going back to Ted Kennedy as his cronies, speaks not to negotiating but to conniving collusion with the extreme left since he was first elected 36 years ago.

But first, a key piece of history. When Doug Ducey initially arrived in Arizona in 1983 to attend ASU, he worked at Hensley & Co., the Anheuser-Busch distributorship owned by Cindy Lou Hensley McCain.

Conservative US does a fine job of describing the behind the scenes machinations to hoist Cindy McCain to the U.S. Senate.  And Doug Ducey? He’ll be repaying a favor to his former employer Cindy Hensley McCain.  Her husband, John, was instrumental in setting Ducey on his political path and they have remained close fiends.

Appointing Cindy Lou would ensure a continuance of what we’ve gotten for nearly 4 decades from her duplicitous husband. It’s past time for a change.

The governor’s automated phone number is (602) 542-4331. You don’t get a live person. Leave a message and let him know you want a change.  A real change. Another McCain is more of the same.

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