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Yielding to REDsforED Socialist demands emboldens them & Update

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Arizona #REDSforED teachers’ walkout continued through day five on Tuesday, with the strikers still claiming their self-serving actions are “for the children.” Parents are prepared for more of the same today.

Arizona Educators United which organized the thuggish actions is full of demands, Though some of its more revealing pages have been removed from its site the agenda which reverberates with words such as “collectivism” and “solidarity” that would make Lenin and Marx proud, boldly identifies itself as “an open platform that empowers individuals and groups to organize for progressive causes.”

 The latest schemes include a ballot measure to enshrine their liberalism into law and a plan to tax the rich at ever higher rates to fund their increasingly disreputable demands. Like so many liberals, they forget that “the rich” supply jobs that raise up individuals and benefit families. They are the people who took risks and worked long hours to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship. They are those we should aspire to emulate. Liberals view them with contempt.

Noah Karvelis a 23-year-old hip-hop music enthusiast and Bernie Sander‘s campaign worker, has morphed into a leader of the teacher’s group, which explains its obvious leftist lurch. This is a recent Karvelis tweet.

The Washington Free Beacon runs an informative exposé, titled,Bipartisan’ Arizona Teacher Protest is Led by Democratic Operative.On April 25, SRAZ posted AZ teachers’ strike leader admits “teaching is political.”

Teachers unions, funded to the tune of $millions by dues paying teachers are notoriously left-wing, almost exclusively supporting liberal candidates and causes.*

On Friday, the Goldwater Institute advised Arizona school districts that the teacher walkout was illegal and warned that if the schools did not “resume educating children immediately; they risk legal action by parents and students.”

But AZ GOP Chairman Jonathan Lines waffles, urging support of the Gov. Ducey’s 20% pay increase magically implemented “without raising taxes” for the striking teachers who have held Arizona students hostage for a solid week. He deserves an F for effort. Lines also runs a reveal of Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a position reportedly paying over $500,000 yearly. Weingarten is a known Democrat operative who gave an impassioned speech introducing Dem presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at both AFT’s 2016 convention and the Democrat’s national convention. She is coming to Arizona to rally teachers against the 20% pay hike.  They were cheerfully dancing and playing musical instruments at the state Capitol Tuesday.

 “The message is very clear,” Lines naively states. “Democrats are using our teachers as political pawns. Our children are the ones who lose in this partisan stunt.”

Democrats are not using teachers as pawns. They are willingly washing one another’s backs. What would possess Lines, the father of eleven, to support the Ducey plan of acquiescing to the increasingly wild union demands?

*Center for Responsive Politic

 Yielding to REDsforED Socialist demands emboldens them & Update

#REDSforED teachers lie

The poor excuses for Arizona teachers have reneged on their promise to return to their jobs Thursday, now saying they “will call in sick.”

“Sick” is what many parents feel — along with betrayed, frustrated and distrustful of anything the marauding teachers do or say. Extending the school year to make up for lost instruction time impacts negatively on many students and families, who have long-planned family vacations and have purchased tickets to travel based on what they regarded as the scheduled last day of school. Others have paid for summer camp. Older students leaving for college, military service or with church mission plans need their transcripts. The self-serving, liberal unionist teachers don’t give a rip, but expect loyalty, nonetheless. Many, protesting and dancing at the state Capitol, are blithely unaware how badly they’ve burned bridges with students, their families and the general public, none of whom could walk off their jobs and expect to have them when they return after first demanding 20 percent raises and now wanting more.


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