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Open Letter to disaffected Republicans

Posted by Admin on | July 2, 2013 | No Comments

It seems that political choices are getting harder. The government has seized so much power that politicians seek office not to do good for the country but to exert control. Each feels that his policies are the best and getting elected gives him the chance to prove his feelings.

So we don’t have clear choices except for the libertarians (more later) as both Republicans and Democrats are drunk with power. So we must look closer. As much as many Republicans feel that Bush 43 was too liberal, he did favor capitalism over socialism. Al Gore may not have been as bad as Barack Obama, but he, like Barack, favors socialism and using the levers of government to implement it in spite of the Constitution.

We had a recent choice between a capitalist with liberal leanings and a Marxist. Was Romney pure? Hardly, but likely he would not use the EPA to kill businesses, use the IRS to stifle free speech and would honor the free exercise of religion. Would he have favored “green” energy, likely, but he probably wouldn’t try to destroy the coal industry and refuse to lease federal lands for oil development.

Many Republican voters sat on their hands because Romney wasn’t pure enough. Democrats rarely do that. The last time Democrats sat out an election was because Jimmy Carter was so bad they could not vote for him. They got Ronald Reagan and they learned their lesson.

Given the opportunity, Democrats will continue to make public education more of an indoctrination. After all, Democrats want an ignorant electorate so that they can play to emotions. Republicans want an educated population because they make better workers and it is easier to make money with smarter workers. Is that a bad thing? Democrats think so.

Democrats want to control speech as a way of controlling thought. Republicans show little, but not zero, inclination in that direction.

So, what about libertarians. First, it is still unlikely that we can elect a libertarian President or more than only 1 or two Congress critters. Why? The libertarians share a common problem with Republicans. They speak in terms of principles (Get rid of the Federal Reserve) which do not connect with voters who want to know what is in it for them. The uneducated voter doesn’t see how smaller government and lower taxes will make their lives better, but they do understand free Obamaphones.

Libertarians also have a problem with foreign affairs. Our Constitution needs updating so that libertarians can stick rigidly to the Constitution, a good thing, and still keep our nation safe. The Constitution was written at a time when you knew you were under attack when a bunch of wooden sailing ships headed into a harbor and started launching cannon balls at your forts. Today, you know you are under attack when Chicago disappears in a mushroom cloud. The old rules don’t work well, you have to be proactive. Does this mean invading Iraq? Sometimes the answer is yes, but the discussion must be free of politics and the goals must be realistic.

If we had an educated electorate, the libertarian message, in spite of the defense issue, would resonate with the voters. The reality is that our voters are pretty ignorant. Not only don’t they know anything about economics, geography, or history, they don’t even know who the current Vice President is. They think that the KKK was full of Republicans and that civil rights legislation was supported by Democrats. Such voters must be neutralized.

Some are declaring themselves Independent to send a message to the Republicans. Well, the message is weak and the move is self defeating. Independents are locked out of some primaries which is from where all the change will come. Independents feel righteous yet they disavow the only Party that can save America. My guess is that such a move is an excuse for many not to participate. This is nothing more than a cop out. Work for change within the Republican Party.

In the end, it is up to the educated to outvote the uneducated. Simple. If you don’t vote, you are letting Rachel (“I don’t read cursive”) Jeantel chose your government. And, for now, if you vote for anyone but a Republican, you are failing to cancel a Democrat vote.

Work hard in the Primaries to get conservative and libertarian Republicans to be candidates and whatever the outcome, come November, vote Republican or lose the country to Marxists.

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